University of Rhode Island - Brookside Apartments

On January 9, 2018, Bacon Construction was awarded the New Brookside Apartments project at The University of Rhode Island.  Construction is now underway and the building is expected to be open for students in September 2019. 

Construction  of the Apartment Building Consists of two 6 story towers with a 1 story connector between the two.  There will be 122 Apartment Units within the two towers, which will house 500 students.  Each floor will have an individual lounge area for students, and the 1st floor of the south tower will consist of a main lobby, a large student lounge area, and a banquet room with a small kitchen area.  The main structure is Structural Steel and precast Concrete Plank.  The building façade will be mainly brick, with metal panel and windows.  The Building HVAC will be a Variable Refrigerant Flow System, with the Equipment all being set on the roof.  The project also consists of an extensive amount of landscaping and hardscaping throughout the site.  There are two courtyards with granite and precast concrete pavers, plantings, and seating areas for students to spend time during the warmer months. 

This contract also includes the new construction of a Salt Shed and Transfer Station, as the new Apartments will be built on the site of the existing salt shed and transfer station.  These two structures will now be constructed on separate sites on campus.  The Transfer Station is scheduled to be complete and ready for use by May 1, 2018, with the Salt Shed completion scheduled for September 1, 2018.



Project Details

Location:  Kingston, Rhode Island
Architect:  Sasaki
Value: $65.5M